Freeride是由MIT CSSA主办,由波士顿留学生网提供交通服务的周末免费购物班车。每周六开两班:9-11点为第一班,11-1点为第二班,从Ashdown House门口出发,发往C-mart或平价超市等波士顿地区的中国超市,并负责将乘客送回各自所在学校宿舍。每次乘坐Freeride需要提前注册。为了接收到每周的注册通知,请加入freeride专属邮件群:

Karaoke Check-Out

Karaoke machine and related CDs are the properties of the MIT CSSA community. To take the advantage of this resource and give better maintenance, the check-out policy below will be carried out after Jan 1st, 2005.

1) Reservation

Email the club chair for reservation and check-out process.

Contac info:

WU Tailin:

2) Rental

FREE for events organized by MIT CSSA

FREE for personal events held by MIT CSSA members

$25 for other organizations/persons of MIT

$30 for other friend organizations (e.g. other CSSA around Boston)

3) Late Fee

Each person/organization can keep the machine for two days. A late will be charged $5/day if the machine is not returned on time.


CSSA Sports Team

CSSA has 5 regular sports teams: badminton, basketball, soccer, softball and tennis, and we welcome anyone with or without experience to join. Please contact the captains for more details.

Air Pistol: Han YIN, <>

Badminton: Tingtao ZHOU <>

Basketball: Yongbin Sun, <>

Soccer: Xin Zhao <xinzhao@MIT.EDU>

Softball: Ryan Xun Huan <>

Tennis: Chen GU <>


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